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Download Marchants Hardy Plants Catalogue

You can download our catalogue free in pdf format here or order a copy here (Price £1.80) and we'll put one in the post.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the pdf file. If you don't already have it installed on you computer you can get the latest version here:

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What they say...

Visitors to this small nursery will come away, not only with a boot full of grasses but, as Gough practises what he preaches in his magnificent borders, buckets of information on how to plant them.
Rae Spence Jones. Telegraph Gardening.

Propagation Day: Hands On

2017 date to be announced

Why not join us on our ever popular propagation course on which dozens of keen gardeners have joined us over the years. Participants get the opportunity to hone and expand their propagation skills in one of the most exciting topics of gardening under the expert tutelage of Marchants owner Graham Gough.

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Desperate Plea! Boxes!

We spend many hours collecting boxes from a number of sources for you to take your plants home in. It is an enormous help therefore if you can provide your own boxes and moreover a sure way of becoming a favourite customer! Many thanks.

Marchants Snowdrops

For details of our annual sale, see Events page

Plant Inventory: Herbaceous Perennials

IRIS. No Iris flower could be described as long lasting but they make up for it by being fabulously flamboyant and are often produced in large numbers, albeit for a short season. I. chrysographes. The progeny of our magnificent velvety black form. The specific name ‘written in gold’ refers to the splash of gold that adorns the fall of the flower. Retentive soil. 60cm.
I. lactea. A fine foliage plant, the narrow pale green glaucous leaves forming handsome clumps. The modest flowers are a pale violet-blue. 40cm.
I. x robusta ‘Gerald Darby’. The intense purple staining of the new foliage of this Iris is quite unlike any Iris we know and can be used to dramatic effect in the garden.
The following forms of Iris Sibirica flourish in full light on our heavy clay soil and are capable of growing in shallow water too.
Iris sibirica ‘Berlin Bluebird’. Very striking and as near a Gentian blue as we have seen in an Iris. 75cm.
I. s. ‘Colin’s Pale Blue’. Sky-blue with just a hint of grey in the colour. 75cm. A few to spare.
I. s. ‘Emperor’. Rich purple flowers of satin like texture. 100cm
I. s. ‘Prussian Blue’. Incredible, saturated deep blue flowers, a colour I have not seen the like of in this group. Tamberg, its German breeder received an AGM for it in 2003. Rightly so. 80cm
I. s. ‘Southcombe White’. Pallid white flowers, not large, with ghostly grey veining. 90cm.
I. s. ‘Summer Sky’. A graceful slim-line flower, like a dancer on points, lavender blue with just the right amount of yellow for perfect balance. 90cm.
I. s. ‘Tropic Night’. Intense violet-blue with a pale zone on the haft of the falls. 90cm

Images at the top of the page are ©Gardens Illustrated / Sharon Pearson